Monday, March 23, 2009

all things go
i don't mind
if i was crying
it was for freedom

Today is beautiful. It's such a long story, but for almost exactly a year, my soul has been muted, and I keep thinking of the Rainbow Bright movie, when the little furballs have to cover the diamond planet with macrame (?). But now it's like that robot horse fetched Rainbow Bright and her crew, and they're helping cut through the rope.

It helps that I'm listening to Sufjan Stevens. And it's a nice day. And jetlag is working in my favor, for the most part. And my psyche isn't addicted to anything in particular right now.

all the glory that the lord has made
and the complications you could do without

What else, what else? I have a lot of problem sets to grade, and a lot of papers to write, and presentations to prepare. And I feel fine.

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