Friday, March 13, 2009

st petersburg, 1

We got into the Moscovskaya station this morning after an overnight train (I slept as well as anyone ever has in their wool clothes). We took a city tour in the bus, but everyone was tired. The city is not hugely changed, so far as I can tell.

So anyways, Moscow was pretty fun the last night. I went out to dinner with Maya and Ana and Maya's dad, and they were really nice. We were very full, and warm from vodka shots, when we got back. Then Maya decided to rent a limo so we could go to Music Town, a music club we heard was cool. Unfortunately, on a Wednesday night at 1am, there was no one playing, and besides a Russian couple making out in the corner, our group of 15 (it was a loooong limo) were the only ones there.

BUT! They were playing Radiohead videos the whole time, and I bonded with the bartender Vanya by helping him with everyone's orders (if you think that was impressive, you should have seen me communicating with the limo driver about times--times of day are my weak point, but my lessons really have paid off), and by loving Radiohead. He very expressively explained to me that "Radio-khed--this is life." And I coglasenned. So I had a good night. The limo had laser lights and lights like stars all through, and like a disco ball, and Zak spins house music so he played club music in the limo as we drove all around Moscow. Even though I was very tired, this was all OK with me.

There is a picture of me and Vanya which I might upload. Or I might not. Michael finds it hilarious. I find it slightly mortifying, as you can tell from my facial expression in the picture.

I'm focusing on the good parts of this trip, but it's far from perfect considering how much money I spent. The drama is unpleasant, and people are kind of gossipy (because there's a lot of gossip to go around). Others are very whiney. Others are always loud and drunk. But it doesn't matter. Tonight I'm going to go buy my train ticket, and then maybe going to the Idiot with Christine, Ana + some others. But I hope not too many others.

We are a block off Nevsky Prospekt. We are on the way to buy tickets. I hope peak hours on the metro are over with.

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