Monday, March 30, 2009

anything but to breathe

When you love somebody
Bite your tongue
All you get is a mouthful of blood
So Professor Who agreed with me that I was a weirdo, but in Donnie Darko style, it was meant as a compliment.

My love life is continuing apace. Virtually. I mean, online. I haven't actually had a date yet, but I will, and that's OK. I still have a hopeless crush, despite all distraction.

This Friday, I'm getting eyelash extensions. Weird, right?

Today I complained to my grandfather that I was always too busy (I've been trying for a week to get in touch with them when we're both free). And Paw said "Well, that's what life's for--filling up."
  • "When U Love Somebody," Fruit Bats

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