Wednesday, March 25, 2009

lucky (pull me out of the aircrash)

cry cry cry. So much for that good feeling Monday. Except Ladybird came back, so that was good news. But nothing but bad news and stress since then. I'm so sick of it. It's only March, but I'm ready for May. I'm ready to be done, and to be a human again, not a student. You might wonder about my chances of applying for a PhD at this point, as do I. And my liklihood to follow up on the CIA application, as lucky as I was to get an email about it. I just want to take my road trip, and then do nothing at all. Maybe read some books, watch some TV. Good god do I want to catch up on BSG and the Dollhouse.

four bits of lucky.


K said...

Is there any time, in the next 5-7 days, that you can set aside 8-10 hours to just veg out? Buy a delicious cake, some milk or soy milk, and watch 8 straight hours of TV? That might help in the short term to get you to May...

And after your road trip and the summer, and maybe 6-8 months of working or doing something else not related to school, you'll be ready to go back to school again You will totally forget the current misery you're in, look back on it fondly, even. Just like childbirth.

Carrie said...

good suggestion, but not a chance. all my fun time is going to D&D and helping a friend move this saturday. plus you wouldn't believe the amount of catching up i have to do before next wednesday.