Saturday, February 21, 2009


slight worries, slight worries.

i have this whole saturday to work, and it's cold outside, but it looks beautiful. Perfect, like yesterday was, like when I got all those candles, and did all those nagging chores that had items waiting in my car for me to complete them. The candles made things better when I got back home. And talking with J.

But anyway, slight worries...waiting for mom to call back. Everything's fine, everything's fine. Had a nightmare, that's all, had a setback, that's all. Have a lot of work to complete and understand before tomororw's tutorial, that's all. Will survive.

Have a radio show I'm subbing for tonight, from 2-3am central time. Will record, I'm sure. But if you ever want to dial in and talk and make a request, you have to listen live.


Leigh said...

This sounds really cryptic. I hope everything's okay.

Carrie said...

sorry for the cryptic. i have written you with the silly details. still feeling weird about the whole thing.