Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh, this wretched paper. It will never get done. It will never get started! I don't even know how to do it. I'm going to see the hypnotist Friday. He will solve everything.

In the meantime, I have made Craigslist purchases: Laptop backpack, wireless mouse, other accessories, webcam (anyone want to Skype?).

I am constantly weary (another problem for the hypnotist). My superficial sleep means lots of lucid dreams, but I can never think of anything interesting to do. Flying and making out with Mr Darcy seem too cliche. So, please suggest something I can do when I wake up inside my dream.


ginny said...

Ohhh -- report back on the helpfulness of the hypnotist! I've been thinking about going to see one for a while! I want hypnosis so I write my dissertation instead of just sitting around feeling increasingly anxious about it.

In your dreams, you could turn into a cat. I've thought I might like to do that in my dreams

Jamie said...

In my last lucid dream, I chose to eat a spoon. It was crunchy and metallic and it hurt my teeth. BAD IDEA. I did it to prevent myself from passionately kissing 50 Cent.

Carrie said...

I've seen him a few times before--you can read my testimony on his website, about my getting over procrastination. but the recording he made me broke, so I need a new one, more tailor-made to this project.

I'm very close to being a cat already, with the amount of sleep I'm getting. But maybe Mr. Darcy's cat, who can fly! With a tiny cape (a cape's gonna look like crap in space).

Why did you want to prevent the kissing, Jamie? I would prefer to make out with 50 cent than to eat a spoon (weirdest sentence ever). But that is a good idea. At least it's something new. I'll let you know if I have a different experience.

Jamie said...

I didn't want to kiss Fiddy because an injured worker had a crush on him. And because he has a gold tooth, and I thought it would taste bad. A spoon was a good substitute, because it tasted bad, but did not break an injured workers heart.

Leigh said...

Ski; or snowshoe. Both might be warmer in a dream.

Karam said...

I'm sorry, my mind keeps stuttering at the thought of making out with Mr. Darcy

Carrie said...

it's true that a gold tooth would probably taste bad. heads up thinking, jamie.

great idea leigh! i think i did have a lucid skiing dream not long after i booked the ticket to abq. (which is like bbq, but a city instead of a type of meat preparation.)

yes, i'm not sure why making out with mr. darcy ever gets old. i haven't ruled it out. i just don't want to get in a rut with him and have to break it off after all these years.