Saturday, February 14, 2009

mmmmmm. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM .... depressed zombie noises coming from me. that sound you make when you're 13 and mom is waking you up to go to school. that's what's in my heart. i have to get a ton of work done today because tomorrow is the LOTR marathon, then I have 6 hours to sleep before my radio show, and then my date (from the internet). And this is all following yesterday's demoralizing career fair. RMRMRMMMRMMMRRRRR! (slightly angry zombie noise). This also makes me think of the zombie Pride and Prejudice. Which I hope they make into a movie.

Here is a song for you to download. One of my favorites from the last week. My Love (in honor of Valentine's Day!) by Bird and the Bee.

I am excited about the marathon. I think it's going to go really well. There will be at least 10 of us. And Dad's jewel shaped ice mold will be perfect to make something from the Mines of Moria. I really will get back to working now though.


Katie said...

Apparently they have already sold the film rights. Happy Vday!

Carrie said...

love and zombies! i can't even imagine this premise, it's so bizarre. it was the last one i was going to guess on Bluff the Listener, on Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me.