Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lord of the Rings marathon ideas

So, tomorrow is the big day! 10.5 hours, at least, of LOTR madness. I took all my plates and glasses down to the clubhouse. This is probably boring to my regular friends reading, but I thought I'd put all the details of my plans and ideas up for anyone else wanting to hold a LOTR marathon. I bought an extra chair on Craigslist, a little rocker, after trying to get some cheap bean bag chairs. (there will be 11 of us; it would be pretty cool if there were 9, like the fellowship; I would advise this for anyone else :)

It's potluck, and it's vegetarian, but here is our menu, and how I'm spinning it. I created description tags for these, using the ElvenCommonSpeak font.
  • mini-donuts (from Hobbiton)
  • jewel-shaped ice (from Mines of Moria--you'd need a mold for this)
  • popcorn (from the Misty Mountains--I was thinking like snow)
  • croissants (to be lembas, from Lothlorian)
  • beer (from Bree; specifically from the Prancing Pony, where it comes in pints)
  • wine (from Rivendell. I feel like elves would in reality be teetotalers, but I bet if they DID make alcohol, it would be very fine. The wine is from New Zealand, obviously)
  • fruits and cheese (from the Shire)
  • vegetarian chili (I'm just calling this from Middle Earth because it seems good and wholesome)
  • chocolate chip cookies (from Gondor, the lands of men. Who's to say men didn't enjoy a good cookie back then?)
  • Various snack foods (from Rohan...because they would need stuff for the road)
  • coffee and tea (hmmm... I didn't think of where this could have come from. Any ideas?)
  • Breakfast tacos (these, clearly, are from Texas)

I also changed my ringtone to The Bridge Of Khazad Dum because that starts out with the theme of the movies. I also made a mix CD for everyone, and it goes like this:

  1. Machinae Supremacy (song:Hybrid)
  2. Led Zeppelin (song:Misty Mountain Hop)
  3. Emiliana Torrini (song:Gollum's Song)
  4. Genesis (song:Stagnation; there's a line in here that's supposedly about Gollum)
  5. Rush (song:Rivendell)
  6. Annie Lennox (song:Into the West)
  7. Led Zeppelin (song:The Battle Of Evermore)
  8. Enya (song:May It Be )
  9. Nickel Creek (song:In the House of Tom Bombadil)
  10. Blind Guardian (song: Lords Of The Rings)
  11. Bo Hansson (song:At the House of Elrond and the Ring)
  12. Gandalf (song:The River of Permanent Changes V)
  13. The Lord Of The Rings (song:The Council Of Elrond)
  14. Styx (song:Lords Of The Ring)

I am ready for this marathon!!!!!!!!11111 And unashamedly so. Except now I feel like I'm waiting for Christmas, when J will get here in the morning to help me set up. He offered his card table and TV trays so I didn't have to rent a table to put all the food on.


ginny said...

This sounds so fun!!

Leigh said...

Have fun! It sounds like a bang up plan.

Anonymous said...

Coffee from the Ring Wraiths who obviously never sleep and are always uptight.