Monday, February 09, 2009

at the radiostation

Well, it's my first real FM show (non-subbing). I'm excited, but also tired. But I couldn't get to sleep beforehand (because I was so excited, I guess).

I get the feeling I'm going to have lots of (boring) updates from the radio because there's a lot of tiny down-time as I play songs. Blah. I'm halfway through.

What else can I talk about? I'm two episodes behind on BSG. I'm trying online dating again, but am wary of it, not because of potential psycho-killer-ness, but because...well...isn't everything just so BORING? Yes, I thought so. More news: I am hungry. I miss my cats, I don't know what I'm going to do for 2 weeks when I go to Russia (which is in less than a month!!!).

I am having serious mic issues in the booth here. Because I'm an idiot, no other reason whatsoever. I just forgot to turn it off for the last 3 songs, and only thought to check when I started humming along with the song. AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!


Jamie said...

Wait, when and why to Russia? I am tempted by online dating, but you're right, everything is so boring and anticlimactic. I realized, whilst clubbing in NYC, that, though I ADORED NYC and though I adore drunken dancing and flirting, you can get drunk and flirt in any city in the world. It's the oldest and most boring story in the world.

Carrie said...

Flirting...ugh. What comes of it? Only grief. And, eventually, death alone, full of regret.

I'm trying to make this more dramatic. But it's already so dark.

Jamie said...

ha ha ha - that quote makes me cackle with misanthropic glee. Flirting is so rewarding in the moments just afterwards - not i nthe moment itself, and not in the long-term. But when you're lying in bed afterwards, still a bit drunk and giddy, and wishing that you were not in bed alone. that is the best moment. The only good moment, really.