Thursday, February 05, 2009


I wish I hadn't eaten all that cheese. Oh lord how I wish that.

Favorite Simpsons quote for tonight: I wish God were alive to see this.


Jamie said...

Oh my! Me too! Except I just ate an ungodly amount of cheese AND THEN, for dessert, a whole package of Olde Tyme Sour Peach Rings (Food Lion Brand). In what Olde Tymes did such things exist? They are sour, gummy, and crusted in neon sugar, and I doubt that primitive man or the pioneers encountered such things. Anyway, now my stomach is like an Olde Tyme Peach Ring (Food Lion Brand). I wish one of the folks from the olden days (tymes) was alive to see this!

Carrie said...

It makes me think of David Tennant (TV's current Doctor Who) doing a home-made documentary when they were in Shakespearean England. He would point the camera at anything and say, in his Scottish accent, "Ye oldee oxcart." "Ye oldee onion." "Ye oldee loaf of bread." I don't know. I certainly found it funny.

Also makes me think of my very first update! (the second IM conversation)