Tuesday, February 03, 2009

leadfill the hole in me

well, what can i say? it's chilly in my apartment, but my back door isn't frozen shut like some people's. in fact, my back door is open, which is why it's cold enough to require a bath.

i've just applied to the CIA, wish me luck (I don't know if luck will be in getting the job or not getting the job).

i got some work done on the paper this morning. what if i turns out after all these years that i'm productive in the mornings? if so, i'm screwed, because i'm never awake then.


Katie said...

I am enjoying this referential dialogue we have going. I very much sympathize with the horrifying revelation that you do good work in the mornings. I had a similar horrifying revelation last year. My solution was to find another, more tenable time when I could work. That time happened to be 3AM. That is okay. But good for you for getting some stuff done on that paper!

I feel also that getting a job with the CIA for you is like my friend Lisa who got the Fulbright to go to Tajikistan. When she got it it was really great because it was the Fulbright. But if she hadn't gotten it, she wouldn't have had to live in Tajikistan for a year. Both winning situations.

Carrie said...

3am is very clearly not my productive time. it used to be, but no longer.

tajikistan--but then you get to say it a lot.