Sunday, October 08, 2006

  • Watching Lost is like playing Myst.
  • Today I was surprised to find out about Grace Park (Boomer) and Lucy Lawless's heights. At the BattleStar Galactica premiere someone mentioned to me that Lucy Lawless was actually shorter than Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle) in real life, but that's not true. LL is quite tall.
  • Willie's friend/singing partner won the Delia's model contest! Wow!
  • IKEA has everything you need, and cheap!
  • ONLY READ THIS ONE IF YOU HAVE WATCHED 2 SEASONS OF BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: at the alamo drafthouse, there are bumper stickers that say: don't blame me, i voted for roslin. This keep cracking me up.
  • There were many antique cars at the Continental Club. They look cool and are fast, but they take 4 minutes to warm up. Also at the Continental Club was a wonderful guitarist, known to some as the "Caucasion Sensation." One man told me this 3 different times! The same man! Three times!
  • Baking lemon squares in the oven is a time sensitive operation.
  • Mom likes about Battlestar Galactica that the ladies are strong, and they really are strong! Or at least, you can believe they are. Like some TV ladies are "strong" but you look at them and know in real life, they couldn't bruise a feather. Well, to be honest, who could? Well, Katie Sackhoff might possibly be able to bruise a feather.
  • BC came out during book club today, and he is very soft now.
  • After tomorrow, my hair will be the color of Starbuck's.
  • Last night we visited an office, and someone had made a pyramid from their La Croix cans (see phone picture). I feel my alphabetized conversation hearts have been challenged!

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