Tuesday, October 31, 2006

bend it like the mystic cosmos area

I think the fact that i've been doing all these relatively permanent home-improvement projects without having a level is not a sign of arrogance or stupidity. It's given me a good, lucky feeling (like telling a kid 'good guess' every time they get a math problem right). It's also giving me a good, vertiginous feeling; everything's like a Mystic Cosmos Area in my condo!

While I'm updating: I saw 2 great movies this weekend. I know, they're SO one-year-ago, but I think I'll have a policy where I wait a year to see a movie, and that way I won't waste my time because I'll collect enough opinions I value. Not like Pirates of the Caribbean. What the hell, man?? What I saw: TransAmerica and The Squid & the Whale. What I have from the library: The Devil and Daniel Johnston (did you know he did more than that one song? Well, he did) and Bend it Like Beckham. I'm going to start watching a lot of soccer movies to learn the rules. I thought first of ones I've already seen. Bend it Like Beckham seemed like a better choice than Shaolin Soccer. SS would just confuse me about the rules, I think. Of soccer, and of physics. But what are some other soccer movies?


Bob said...

Shaolin Soccer is awesome!

Katie said...

There is a Olsen twins movie about soccer. I don't recommend you watch it, of course, but am just putting it out there into the ether.
On a better note, there is also the 1997 Colin Firth movie "Fever Pitch". It is about an obsessed soccer fan, based on a Nick Hornby novel, and apparently the recent Drew Barrymore baseball movie of the same name was based on it as well. I haven't actually seen the movie, but with Colin Firth, it would be enjoyable viewing, even if the movie is bad.

Carrie said...

Thanks!!! I can't really picture Colin Firth playing soccer, however much I am wanting to. That sounds like an ideal suggestion.

I'll probably pass on the Olsen twins.

I just rewatched Bend it like Beckham--that's such a great movie, despite KK. And I can't quite remember any scenes from Shaolin Soccer, except the one with the egg--Kung Fu Shuffle is too fresh in my mind. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Jazzkat said...

if you search "soccer movies" you get a link to an amazon.com list someone made...it's a little disturbing to see that the majority of soccer fiction on film heavily involves either a golden retriever or Rodney Dangerfield. I also think "The Boys from Brazil" is an unfortunate name for a soccer documentary. The "History of Soccer" looks good, though.

Carrie said...

i prefer not to find my inspiration from rodney dangerfield. or the olsen twins. or air bud, golden receiver. but thanks for those other suggestions! this is like that time i became a surfer, without surfing. i just watched all the movies, safely away from the sharks. i won't have time for real soccer after this.

tb said...

No wait I love that ladybugs movie