Monday, October 30, 2006

boy crazy.

i had to meet some contractors somewhere, and the architect was comically, ridiculously handsome. i mean, maybe you wouldn't look at him and think that, but he was all: 9 feet tall (approx. maybe like 6 something actually), perfectly bronzed, with matching bronze hair in a ponytail, with blindingly white teeth which he unsheathed winningly, and often. I felt hypnotized into some kind of feminine stupor!! (is this what they used to call love?) THEN, as we left, he got onto his red motorcycle, and the spell wore off. I just thought "really? A motorcycle? That is just too much." besides, i have to remember my Irrational Crush #1. I must remain faithful. to IC1 (which is henceforth the crush's secondary, subtitular name)

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