Saturday, October 14, 2006

you had me at "secret room"

before i go to work (yes), it's important that i update about my trip to the Halloween Store. At work, they said "we're going to the Halloween store, because it's friday the 13th, and then we'll get lunch. I'm not sure where we'll get lunch, but maybe Amaya's." Even though I love Amaya's Taco Village (both for the food and the name) I stopped her from the hard sell with "Stop, stop, you had me at Halloween store."

I really want monster hands!

We went to Baby A's, furthering my impression of that chain as: sticky. The right kick and left punch buttons on the Tekken machine were permanently stuck down, likely from something disgusting. What a waste of 50 cents! I only know one throw-combo that don't involve those buttons.

Speaking of bad eating experiences, I went to the sandwhich shop TB worked at when she first moved to Austin. The permanent impression of that place seems to be "That place is going down," which was TB's impression both upon getting the job, and upong quitting the job. And it is my impression upon my return. The salad tasted exactly like unwashed hands, and I was unable to eat it. I got sick anyway.

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