Friday, October 27, 2006

(soccer fever)

sooo, i already told my mom (aka 50% of my readership), because i just have to tell someone, but i have SOCCER FEVER! not that i can watch or play soccer. but i keep thinking about watching or playing soccer, and i keep just wanting to tell people that i have SOCCER FEVER. i wish instead of battlestar galactica tonight, the drafthouse were showing a movie called SOCCER FEVER, and it starred me!

the reason i can't watch soccer is a) i am in america and b) i don't have tv and c) i do have a tv, but it's in my gym, and see next paragraph.

the reason i can't play soccer is because i pulled a muscle in my leg (possibly, ALL of the muscles in my leg), and can barely walk. i did this to my leg through the magic of SOCCER FEVER.

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