Saturday, October 14, 2006

i am "doing my economics homework"

this week, i have been enjoying the sorting capabilities of having so many of my favorite songs converted into iTunes compatability. My iPod still doesn't work (hopefully that will be taken care of tomorrow; third time's the charm, right?), but after hooking up my computer to my speakers, I have enjoyed my P section and my 1997 section very much. 1997 was a great year!!

P: Paul Curerri, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Pedro the Lion, Phish, Pink Martini, Pixies, Pizzicato Five, PJ Harvey, Poe, Polyphonic Spree, Portishead, Postal Service, prefab sprout, prefuse 73, Propellerheads, Puffi Ami Yumi, Pulp.

1997: Homogenic, Blur, Fifth Element Soundtrack, Be Here Now, The Saint, OK Computer, Surfacing.

I guess 1997 isn't a very big category. But I like everything in it, anyway. It made me think of the LOOONNNG car ride through West Texas this summer when L and I listed every 90's band we liked, and we realized: the 90's were pretty great. Add that to my list of favorite decades of the last century (70's, 50's, 40's, 20's, 10's, 00's-- catch up, fellas!)

But a continued list of 90's music, as they are currently sorted in my iTunes; many of these in need of more detail, but who has that kind of time??: They Might be Giants, Frente, Jeff Buckley, Luna, The Orb, Tom Petty, Emmylou Harris, The Jayhawks, Moby, Spacehog, Stereolab, Trainspotting soudtrack, Belle and Sebastian, Air, Beta Band, Superior, Beck, Liz Phair, Propellerheads, Broadcast, Aimee Mann, Rufus Wainwright, UNKLE, smog, Ben Folds Five, Chemical Brothers, the Corrs, Emiliana Torrini, Gay Dad, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Marine Research, Morcheeba, Muse, Old 97's, High Fidelity Soundtrack, Sigur Ros, Travis, Underworld, Wilco, XTC


TB said...

The college radio station here played Travis' "Why does it always rain on me?" and I was proud I remembered 90% of the lyrics (100% of the chorus)! Remember Travis? Was that where we first met, sort of? I remember ignoring people in a crowded vehicle. Sorry about that.

TB said...

No no, of course you remember Travis. that is why I posted this comment, because you mentioned Travis. I meant the concert. Wait, that was obvious too.

Carrie said...

i remember we got to traxx (was that it?) and you immediately alone snaked to the front of the small crowd forming by the stage. we looked at xuul, who said "it's her first concert" and we nodded. later we caught your eye, and you waved enthusiastically from far away from us. in the car you were even less part of the group, as i don't even remember you being there. but i don't think it was the first time we'd met because i didn't think it was strange. and leona naess opened, and katya and i switched shirts in the bathroom. yes, i remember travis.