Friday, September 29, 2006

live from new orleans, it's friday night!!

woooooooooo!!!!!! New ORLeans! yeah. well. i guess i kind of come here a lot. and you know what? It's growin on me.

last night, i took 1/2 of a valium in the hopes of beating my mother to sleep (we were sharing a hotel room,and she snores ever so slightly), but i was so excited about when it would set in, my heart was just RACING waiting for droopy eyelids (example: "mom?? do i look sleepy yet? how about now, am i sleepy now?"). Tonight, instead, I just had 9 martinis for the job. PSYCH! it was just 2.

I've also been slowly transcribing my 1995 journal from my trip to Russia. I am hilarious, and I am a total bitch! Not in that order. Woo!!! It's enough to make you want to punch a concrete wall with your center two knuckles!


well, so much for all that. happy new orleans, everyone! and many happy returns!!!

and wait a minute, everyone--nice job* with helping me find impressive music from the last 5 years that i like. here's my honest to god list that i can think of right now. feel free to embellish: clap your hands say yeah, feist, hem, smile (brian wilson--does this count?), microphones, spoon, iron and wine, esthero, old crow medicine show, and that one song by snow patrol (run, which is 5x as valuable as all their other songs combined). not to say these are my absolute top favorites. but they're genuine favorite that are known-but-not-overdone (which makes them 'cool'). a few are thrown in for eclectic prowess. one (run) is thrown in there to show i am being honest. i could listen 'run' all night (but not all day). but i do genuinely like all of these very much, so i can't feel like a poseur if quizzed.



Katie said...

The sad truth is, I would have helped, but my music tastes have become progressively mainstream since moving to Chicago and aside from recommending the Killers' new album, I am useless. And even that gets too much radio play to actually be hip. Sadly.

Carrie said...

Aww, that's okay. How strange that just before I read this, my dad and I were talking about the Killers, though. I don't think I've heard a song by them, though. I should MySpace them.

Carrie said...

Did I just create that verb? I didn't mean to create a verb.

Katie said...

A verb about myspace too. For shame!!! No, I am kidding. You should look them up on YouTube instead of MySpace as YouTube is far better. Well, relatively speaking. Or the Amelie video I posted to my blog this week is to the new Killers single. Seemingly out of place references to Jesus aside, the song is enjoyable :-)