Saturday, September 09, 2006

things jung didn't note

strange: hearing this sentance come out of my mouth--"I think it might have been part of the motto of the gang from Short Circuit 2" a moment before thinking "Wait, what? What's Short Circuit? Was there even a sequel?"

stranger: hearing two people in the group correct me with the full and accurate motto of the gang from Short Circuit 2
Los locos kick your ***! Los locos kick your face! Los locos kick your balls into outer space!

yes. it's just one of those weeks where i randomly (if inaccurately) remember movies from the eighties, and try to pay off 5-month-old valet tickets to the city of Los Angeles. Also, this morning I burned my ear, and held a bottle of cold water to the side of my head as I drove, and I kept having this thought, irritated: "Why isn't it ringing?" before repeatedly reminding myself it was not a phone, it was a bottle of water, and I had burned my own ear. I don't even want to talk about it. I already did. It's too late.

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