Wednesday, September 13, 2006

forever young

i've been trying to think of things i might name my first adopted child if she is young enough to be named. things like 'bingo pajama,' you know, but i guess that might be a little common by now. the best i can think of at the moment is BeanBean McFridge. Any other suggestions?

the other day, i told an utter, blatant, and absolutely pointless lie. i said that i prefer even numbers to odd numbers. the opposite is true. so true that i refused to sit in odd rows of theaters for about 5 years. i still am a little uncomfortable sitting in an even row.

TV: i am addicted to battlestar galactica, but i still haven't decided if i'm enjoying it or not. i am neither enjoying nor addicted to popular, despite a few amusing moments, but i'm holding out for the clea duvall episodes. i think i'm probably going to end up liking battlestar galactica, though. it's got some really good lady-characters in it. one is president, and one smokes cigars and is otherwise awesome. but you have to just go with any of the science--no questioning. it's plot and characters and some not-so-embarassing dabbling in philosophical issues; not sampling the boundaries of what is realistically possible with this universe's laws.

ehh, bedtime. i feel like tomorrow is friday, but i've felt like that all week. i've also felt like the date is way beyond the 15th. i guess i'm already 26 in spirit. god, i hate even numbers. i can't wait to be 27.

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