Friday, November 06, 2009

things in the mail

I was thinking of starting a new feature of the blog: Things I Got in the Mail Today. I've been getting so much stuff lately. Partly because I ordered it, partly because people are repaying my postcards in kind. But today I didn't get much. Oh, wait, yes, something came for me at work. Anyway, here are some things that have come in the last week:
  • Andy's birthday present (not exactly what I thought it would be, without spoiling the surprise)
  • A postcard from Italy (just like the song! Ooh, I just discovered that Florence + The Machine covered that song!), from Danielle
  • A letter from Jessie
  • A postcard from Karam
  • Training materials for my new SAT prep job
  • Blue hair extensions* (the day AFTER Halloween, of course)
Things I sent in the mail this week
  • A long letter to Paw (my grandfather) about all the things that he's given me that I'm grateful for. Along with a handwritten copy of "Courage," by Anne Sexton.
*The hair extensions featured a little broken-English write-up of how Chinese hair differs from white-person hair. It was actually kind of interesting, if I understood it right. Something about hair follicles.

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