Wednesday, November 18, 2009

more ad reponses

If a dude says "lol" once, I immediately suspect he is either a) used to talking to 13 year old girls or b) a 13 year old girl. If he uses it multiple times, and inappropriatley (eg "saw your ad want to lol do unspeakable things to you lol") I assume he is mentally unstable.

I talked at length to my therapist about the CL exploits and her face was a mask of horror for the entire 45 minutes I was with her. She didn't find these things amusing at all.

Incidentally am at Sherlocks waiting for a dude and freezing my toes and fingers off. The doorman gave me his jacket is I guess how pathetic I look.

OH!! Rufus Wainwright is phenomenal live! What a great bunch of concerts I've been to in the last month! To be topped off by giving a ride to the last concert of the month's performer, the darling Aussie, Darren Hanlon.

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Tabby said...

I find it highly amusing, Carrie. =) Your therapist is looking too deeply into things, I think.

And after we had our date at the (what was that place called?)cafe on or near Medical Arts Dr & you told me about your CL encounters, I check out the singles ads on CL a few times myself to see what people are posting. Interesting stuff..

I miss you, Carrie!

<3 Tabby