Saturday, November 14, 2009

halloween was last month, dude

Things I got in the mail:

  • Leotard (it was to be a backup for my unitard if that didn't work. It might still have a better neckline, so perhaps I will use it for my eventual final Illyria costume)
  • Invitation to be a lifetime member of the Texas Exes
Ella the dog got in from the balcony while I was out tonight (seeing R Crumb, Art Spiegelman, and Francoise Mouly, I might add; it was fantastic), and ripped up everything she could. I'm sure it probably scared the cats to death, but they seem OK. What a mess. What. A. Mess. Oh, but she has her little paw over her face as she's sleeping right now. What a cutie.

And now I'm off to my radio show, where I will do all songs about dogs. I will post the link to the setlist soon.

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