Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween followup

Like lonely ghosts
We stay because we don't know where else
To go

Halloween was a success. While downtown, I downgraded my original goal of:
  • Have 2 strangers know what my costume is supposed to be
to instead be:
  • Find some pizza.
Check! But in eating the pizza, I lost a glove (don't worry, not the ones I made, just the leather gloves for underneath, but they were pricey, and I had planned on having them around for real use, so I'm kind of bummed, and I keep dreaming I find it).

I think, with the inauguration of my mother's Facebook account, that all my readers are on Facebook, so pics can be seen there. I will eventually upload to here, to semi-complete the Illyrian costume saga portion of the blog. Basically, the costume came out well enough to be worth bettering for a potential DragonCon excursion next September. So it's not done. In fact, in the rush I was in on Halloween day, I forgot some details of the costume (a center frill, and some sequins), which I just discovered upon cleaning my apartment.

I have been cleaning for 5 hours, when all I wanted to do was go to sleep at 6pm, after a day of sailing on Lake Travis. What was my secret to motivation? I took photographs of the mess, and was inspired by the idea of having a "before" and "after" blog update. It was like a cyclone had hit, after 3 weeks not only of not cleaning up after the costuming, but not cleaning up after ANYTHING because of the costume-time. I've made astounding progress. On my fourth load of laundry. Watched 5 episodes of the Dollhouse (including Omega). Broke one of my grandmother's wine glasses. Cleaned up after that incident. Fed the cats. Cleaned the litterboxes thorougly. Talked a friend through a panic attack. Threw out the old food. Changed the sheets. Windexed. Bleached. Washed the dishes (both dishwashers are broken).

My hands are flaky and dry, from all the cleaners.

I do recommend checking out this song. It's beautiful. It's the coda to a first-season episode of the Dollhouse. I meant to play it on my Halloween-themed radio show, but I forgot.

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