Tuesday, November 17, 2009

personal ad

Things I got in the mail
  • A check from the IRS
  • A toll road bill for approx. the same amount
I might start a new feature to the blog, "reasons I rejected today's Craigslist personal responses."
  • Entire response was one sentence (vast majority); I can understand not wanting to invest a lot of time in something that might not be real, but come on. I suspect a lot of these are spam, but I'm not sure what their end game is, when:
  • The response, in its entirely, was "watt uppp??"
  • Respondent's own poetry was included
  • And it was really bad
  • Any nudity
  • Didn't include picture (actually, this isn't as big a detriment as the next bulletpoint)
  • Included picture, and appeared to be a total douche
  • Included picture, and appeared to be 13
  • Tried to tell me something about myself ("you were born in May, and had a strong silent-type father, right?"). No, and no.
  • Doesn't like music.
  • Likes music, but the first band they list is Tool, followed by Metallica
  • Claims not to have a problem with women (OK, if someone claimed to have a problem with women, this would obviously be rejected as well, but...you know, they doth protest too much)
  • Is more than 2 inches shorter than me (I also balk at more than 3 inches taller than me)
  • Married
Well, it makes me sound picky, but you really have to be with the number of responses you get as a lady on CL. I didn't list a picture or anything!

Anyway. There were a few that made the cut, and I've already been stood up twice (bonus!). This is going really well so far.

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Jamie said...

watt up rotfl