Saturday, December 13, 2008

trying to face this damn situation, and i can't.

ugh to today.

not only have I not finished my project, I have avoided it with dull diversions, such as True Blood and internets. ('internets' is so passe, but remains funny to me; no one understands the joke of the article-less "internet" when I say it). I sometimes would stare up at my bookshelf, with a dull thought in my head, like "what are those for? better keep surfing the internet. i'm sure there's something important on there NOW." i did reserve a bunch of books at the library to take home with me (and potentially leave in New Orleans for massive fines one day), mostly about road trips, but one about cars.

talked to both j and l on the phone, friends I hear from too rarely. Put together a cat tower with A. had 1 coffee and 3 donuts. and 1 apple. made a list of the people i will see in new orleans; found that their initials can spell "cracklin'" kind of.



ginny said...

Ahhh. That is a pretty good description of how I spent my whole semester. Ugh.

Carrie said...

Does it make you want to scratch your skin away? Because that's how it makes me feel. And my heart races, trying to get the exercise that I deny it.