Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I got another TA appointment, for the next level of quantitative analysis! Working for someone who may be the future mayor of Austin! Woah! Lucky me, except I'm a little freaked that I don't know anything about this class. It would be easier to TA for undergrads. But this appointment will certainly be simpler than my previous appointment.

Home is still lovely. Drank a bitter margarita as my brother and I shopped on Magazine. Failed utterly at Jeopardy. Made my whole family listen to my radio show. Lunched with my mom and her friend. Will go to work with my mom tomorrow (teaching at a school) and will hang out with K tomorrow night probably. But at some point, I need to write up a 20 page report during all this. Oops. Should have planned better. I guess I could be doing that right now, but I'd rather read Dead Until Dark.

This blog is a liability. No one should be able to find out how irresponsible I am.


Jamie said...

If anyone asks what you are doing, you can just reply: "I am DEAD UNTIL DARK! MWAAAA HAA HAA!"

Carrie said...

it's kind of true, too. i wish i didn't think vampires were so lame, because i think i'm half vampire.