Monday, December 22, 2008

no nightmare!

I didn't have a nightmare last night! I slept on the downstairs sofa, and I woke up with three cats pinning me down under the yoga blanket that was keeping me warm. Maybe the cats are like dreamcatchers....hey, now that I think of it, the dreamcatcher that's usually in my room seems to be missing. Hmmmm....this could explain everything! Everything except why dreamcatchers work. That's a mystery for the ages.

Trying to be inspired by Katia's ability to work on a paper while granddad-sitting. Especially when much smaller thing seem to defeat me--e.g. the existence of brownies in the house, the playing of pedal steel guitar downstairs, the fact that I don't want to write the paper.

The couch was very uncomfortable, and now I have a stiff neck. I can't possibly write a paper with a stiff neck. But I have a conference call in 2 hours.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

The cats ATE the dreamcatcher and now their stomachs are like dream-screening-units!