Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My internet is patchy at best. Even the stolen wireless is crap. I can't tell if it's the service or my computer. I will blame TimeWarner for the time, and let that be my excuse for late payment.

I finally got back online, after rabidly trying to for about an hour. After I got on, I immediately began aimlessly surfing the internet, bored already, wondering why I'd wanted so badly to get online in the first place. I can check my email from my phone. And I can waste time by reading the Southern Vampire series. Yes, vampires and more vampires for me. Sexxy. I'm also making a mix for tomorrow's show that is of songs about snow. I'm missing all my different genres, though. I need five. I have one and a half. I'm not worried about the new music, or the Texas artists music. But the genre count is always my weak point.

It remains cold today. I finished an exam today. I went to a chiropractor and a therapist today. I printed out a map of the United States today highlighting places I would like to visit. The square states. The M-states (specifically, Montana and Minnesota). Hot springs in every state. That big red lump in the middle. What is there? What does "badlands" mean? What do people do for fun there? How many people can I fit in my car?

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jennifer said...

Do you have room in your car for a Jenny? Badlands here I come!