Saturday, March 01, 2008

the greatest

I don't think I ever blogged about the story of how I got a free Cat Power CD about a year ago.

I was borrowing my aunt's car, which had a CD player, but I didn't bring any CDs with me. I wondered if there was already a CD in there, and luckily there was! So for days and days I listened to that one CD. But weirdly, it was Cat Power's The Greatest, which didn't really strike me as my aunt's type of music. My aunt is really really nice to me, and I had a somewhat crazy thought that she'd somehow researched that I liked (or would like) Cat Power, and found out which album I didn't have yet, and put it in there to surprise me. This was unlikely, but somehow more likely than my aunt listening to Cat Power in her own car.

So when I returned the car, I remembered to ask about the CD, and she said "OH! THAT thing. Do you want it?" (yes, but...) "NO, we don't want it. George..."

[side note, George is her LTboyfriend, and our whole family calls him "the yankee," though as a term of endearment by now; but if there's anyone less likely to listen to Cat Power than my aunt, it's him]

"...George heard a review of it on NPR, so he got it. But he didn't really like it. He said 'Well, I can't understand a dang thing she says! And what I do understand kind of.... kind of makes me want to kill myself!'" So my aunt inherited the CD, and pretty much had the same reaction.

So, yay, free CD for me!

Speaking of Cat Power, I forgot to mention the day I couldn't stop listening to Thao Nguyen's "Bag of Hammers." It's like Cat Power is from the land of rock! And she doesn't make you want to kill yourself! She makes you want to kill someone else!

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