Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ALSO: regarding the end of the world

I found out that human genetics bottlenecked around 74,000 years ago to just about 200 of us (all of us descended from 200 people around that time). Think of that! Probably 99.999999999% of humanity was killed (likely from a volcano), and NOW look at us! Agent Smith (from the Matrix) was right: we're a virus--there is no stopping us! Not even by us! And look at the earth, too! How well Gaia has recovered from all her catastrophes. I'm not advocating stupidity (I'd prefer we not bottleneck again because there were only a few people in my high school class of 200 that I liked--imagine if that's whom I had to choose from everywhere! Plus I'd have to mate with some of them!), but when global catastrophes (super volcanoes are my disaster du jour) start to get me down, it puts things in perspective a little bit.

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