Monday, February 04, 2008

productive procrastination!

For once I procrastinated with something that I would have eventually procrastinated about--I have done my taxes! Now, if I can just finish my 2006 and 2005 taxes...

It's a really, really nice night here in Austin, for those of you not in Austin, and not awake. I'm listening to Tchaikovsky, and the balcony door is open, and really, for someone that just got through several hours of tax code fine print, I'm in a pretty good mood. Wait 5 minutes, though, when I pick up the project I've been putting off. I will need a whole lot more classical music to fix that mood. And like a truckload of burritos. Yeah.

Tonight I had a strange experience: I watched, and enjoyed, the second half of the superbowl. I even threw my hands all in the air and yelled at one part!

But alas, no more procrastination is to be had. It's Russian transportation policy again...

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