Thursday, March 27, 2008

that exam went totally well.

yes, yes, yes! one thing down. 1,115 to go. This is actually a precise number. All due Monday.

I am currently downloading The Watcher in the Woods in order to have screenshots to show Angela, who cuts my hair next week. But I'm kind of chickening out. Because it's a really stupid haircut. As I describe what I want (Karen from W in the W meets Sarah Connor from TV) ends up souning like Worst of the 70's meets Mullets Galore.

But for now, I'm taking a break, and a bath, listening to tunes, and updating my blog. The exam got out early, and I have a whole 3 hours I wasn't really expecting.


Meredith said...

I have haircut anxiety. I took a team of friends (a team!) with me the last time I changed the style. And really they were just there to metaphorically hold my hand while the uber-cool and nice stylist did nice things.

But that was 2 years ago, and I'm starting to think it should change at least a bit. But I'm a big chicken, thus far. I once took in a screen shot of Maggie Gyllenhall's hair from Stranger than Fiction, and the stylist very gently told me that such things were not possible for me. So very sad!

Best wishes with your project, may it be as little like a mullet as possible. :)

Carrie said...

there is added anxiety because i'm getting it done 3 hours before meeting my online-dude for a date! that's actually one of the reasons i'm kind of chickening out about the haircut. i don't think angela would dissuade me from the screenshots--not in a "that look is just not going to work for you" way because the look doesn't really work for either of these women, either.

ah well. at least i'm going into this eyes open, not like my last major style change when the student school burned off a good portion of my hair.

what is your current hair like? do you have pictures online somewhere?

tb said...

I'm glad you said that because every time I see the Sarah Connor lady on the show I think, gosh, she would be so beautiful if it weren't for that distracting hair. Maybe in that way, the haircut actually brings out her beauty, because it makes you bitter on her beauty's behalf.

Carrie said...

I think it's like Xena--they had to give her an unattractive haircut or else she would have been too pretty to be a warrior. But Lena Headey was tough AND gorgeous in the Brothers Grimm. But since they couldn't cover her in wolf pelts for SC Chronicles, I guess they had to make do with having her haircut simulate one. It really does look pretty when it's up, though.