Sunday, August 02, 2009

the nothing

The heavy hitters and the chichi music
all on your radio

I am slowly, slowly deleting my old posts as I archive them to my computer. I have had this blog for a long while. It's tedious going, but I want to make sure I record all your comments along with the post because the comments are usually the best part (hint, hint).

I spent today writing letters. I only have the addresses for 4 people, though. The rest of the packages will probably stagnate for months before the others get around to sending me their contact information. Their loss. These letters are awesome!

They are about: how I'm probably going to foster a golden retriever soon. And about my job. And about life plans. And about my boxing lessons. But I managed to make it all interesting, unlike here, where I'm just listing. Because I'm tired. From writing letters. And I can only manage sentences and fragments of a few words long. And I have a radio show in 5 hours. And I want to punch through the ceiling like a Superman in a hurry! But instead of going to the point of action, I just keep going up, up and away.

I watched Wizard People, Dear Reader with some friends today. Many of them were nonplussed for most parts, but some of them enjoyed it. Then we played a Harry Potter trivia game. My team partner kept asking things like "Is the last Harry Potter book out yet?" Clearly, I was the heavy hitter on my team.
  • Brimful of Asha, Cornershop

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Leigh said...

Ha ha, it's nice to pull the weight of a team sometimes! I haven't seen the latest movie yet, but I will.