Sunday, August 30, 2009

before I blow your cover

always the best disguise
a license to defile
everyone you despise will die
so smile
I should have quoted "Lazing on a Sunday afternoon"! Because that's what I'm doing. Still in my PJs, nursing an aching back, eating brownies, and espressos with goat's milk (well, in my defense, eating anything else would involve leaving the house, and I'm just not up for that).

Why am I updating? No reason really. There is another quote from boxing that I find funny...but I will have to change some names to make it ungooglable. OH! Also! I am probably going to change my blog over to something a little more private soon. I know some of my readers (mom) don't have blogging accounts, so I'm soliciting advice on a good way to do this. Wordpress has a good option of having a password for each entry. Any other readers want to weigh in?

Here is the quote. My name is Carrie Davis. The gym is called "R. Laud's Boxing Gym."

Gym Owner: Davis! ....Carrie!
Me: Richar....what should I call you?
Owner: can call me whatever you wa--
Me: Can I call you Dr. Laud?
Owner: No.

Oh, another solicitation for your help: I think I'm going to have an hour-long show dedicated to the works of Stephin Merritt. That is, all his incarnations. What should I play? If you recommend one I don't have, I might request that you send me a copy... And that reminds me to let you know that my new radio time slot is 1-2am Friday night/Saturday mornings, central time. I LOVE this new time slot. But I will miss my old cohost, so I might still show up to keep her company for the Wednesday 5-7am slot, minus the music prep and volunteer hours.
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Leigh said...

I think boxing is good for you--these stories kill me, and remind me of the first week of school when I invite students to call me Leigh. Um..and if you transfer your blog, remember me and your mom.

Karam said...

I put in votes for

I don't want to get over you.
You Love to Fail.
the Death of Ferdinand de Saussure!