Saturday, August 22, 2009

sleep aids

We just know that you will do well
You won't come to harm.

Aleve has helped my back--now it just feels Regular sore, not Bad sore. I went to boxing twice despite not being able to walk properly, and while some of the abs exercises and reaching up for the speed bag were bad news, I actually felt a lot better punching the heavy bag.

Tonight is the sleep study I have. I maybe have already invalidated results by taking naps today, which they said not to do. But when you have boxing at 8am, it's hard to keep moving all day. I took a fantastic bath, and have given away half my stuff on Craigslist, and returned library books, and gotten my SIM card activated, and purchased eye drops at a great discount, cleaned the litter boxes, scrubbed lots of surfaces, charged the vaccuum cleaner, ran the dishwasher, did a bit of light stalking, and none of this took as long as I expected it to. So when Sigur Ros came on iTunes, and Ladybird nestled down into my lap....snoozers, to quote Brad Neely.

Trying to trick myself into eating by going places like Whole Foods for eggs. I did get some chocolate pudding at least, which makes me feel like less of a freak for not desperately craving sugar all the time anymore. Another boring list for you, of my WF purchases: a peach, cherries, goat's milk kefir, flour, rockfish, oil.

You should read Arcadia's perfectly valid criticisms of Ponyo, but I hope it doesn't make you enjoy the utter delight of Ponyo herself any less.
  • Radiohead "Melatonin"

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Jamie said...

LIGHT STALKING - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Haaaa! I had a similarly domestic and productive day yesterday. I mopped the floor and then cackled in sadistic glee and Pip entered the room and went skittering across the slick surface.