Monday, January 26, 2009

thank you

nice things people have done for me lately:

  • Xander took a nap on my belly, which always imbues me with his gentle spirit.
  • Students said really nice things about me on my TA evaluations from last semester.
  • Mom made me a tiny bag for my D&D dice.
  • Patrick got me sugar gum after overhearing me say I like it.
  • Leigh took me to about every grocery in Albuquerque in search of Mexican Coke. (I could make a whole long list about nice things Leigh and Patrick did, actually)
  • Sarah said I had rocking bangs on my new Facebook picture.
  • Dad wrote me a really nice letter in praise of my apartment space, which he stayed at over New Year's.
  • Andy took care of my cats while I was away in New Mexico, and left me a T-shirt that has a large donkey and a small donkey, which says "Burro. Burrito."
  • Kurt (and maybe Chad) listened to my radio show from work.
  • Beth let me watch Battlestar at her house, and she and her girlfriend shared their theories with me.
  • Jerry let me use a coupon at Blazer Tag last night.

This is an excellent excerise. Next step would be nice things I've done for other people, I guess.

  • Took charge of making reservations for 9 at hotels in Russia.
  • Bought Andy some cookies.
  • Fed the cats wet food (which they promptly thew up).
  • Gave Jerry some tokens to play video games.
  • Invited people over for dinner.
  • Bought girl scout cookies and fed them to D&D group.

This list is harder because it's more difficult to determine what was "nice." If I list something like "smiled at Talitha as she passed," that seems less altruistic and almost condescending. Whereas I know exactly how someone else's actions made me feel--good (in these cases). Like, Sarah couldn't say that complimenting my bangs was "nice" on her own list, or it would seem ungenuine. Isn't that weird? But it WAS nice.


Leigh said...

Nice post. You could count it as a nice thing, by sending good karma out into the world you are doing something good. We had a great time with you.

Carrie said...

i should make it a weekly endeavor.