Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i was just wishing for some bobby pins or a clip or something to pull my new bangs back, and I went into the pharmacy school bathroom, and there was just a little container of bobby pins, right there on the sink! rather than think it was a gift from god, i assumed it was a trick, or some kind of (psychic) social experiment.

i'm so self-centered, i suspect at least once a day i'm part of some social experiment. like the crazy guy at kinko's yesterday. because if he wasn't a plant, he was wayyy annoying. no one cares about their truck that much.


ginny said...

My father had a friend during law school who suddenly found Jesus and decided that He was responsible for everything. My father's most famous story about this friend is the time he had expressed a desire for sandals, and then, when they walked into the store in front of them there were sandals right inside the door, which caused the friend to shout "THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU LORD!" and fall to his knees. I think maybe they weren't such close friends after that.

Carrie said...

wow, if i'd done that about the bobby pins, i would have sealed my fate as the uncoolest person at the radio station. or maybe the coolest. i think i could pull a lot off with my new haircut.