Thursday, January 01, 2009

out out damn junk

I spent the last few days throwing away lots of stuff. I hate throwing away stuff, but sometimes you just have to throw it away. I hate throwing it away because I just know someone somewhere would want the stuff rather than let it molder poisonously in a grave. The Ferengi's Great River. But really, who needs the encyclopedic set of instruction manuals to a 1970's Minolta SLR? I made a set of bags for things worth giving away, and a set of bags of things worth being prizes for my mom's school (double headed nickels, fake mustaches and eyebrows. Don't ask). I threw out my high school textbooks (Physics, Calculus, Trig, European History--goodbye, I will never need you again), but had trouble throwing out all my high school notes (Wait, maybe I will need you again!) and my library of Japanese workbooks. Then I went to my parent's bathroom and threw out all the expired medicine. Then I went to my bathroom and matched up all my earrings.

OK, see, this is why I haven't been updating. I haven't done much exciting worth updating about. Here is my New Year's Eve:

Me (11pm): Wanna do a yoga video?
Mom: yeah!
[we do yoga video]
Mom (12am): Wanna go read for a while?
Me: yeah!!

Happy new year. May your year be filled with minimal junk, but maximal yoga and reading. I'm going to clean my necklaces. If I have to have junk, it might as well be sparkly.

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