Sunday, January 25, 2009

20th century bitch

Having trouble prioritizing today. So I first of all found out how to make an online poll. Then I made one, and ask for your help. Here are my options.

OK, it turns out I don't know how to use this poll. It sure looks like a poll, but it doesn't seem to record results. So if you're actually interested in my life Choose-Carrie's-Own-Adventure style, then leave a comment. Other options included pay bills and taxes, fix Roomba, and register products, but I already accomplished that.


Jamie said...

I voted! For pleasure reading, that is. So far today I have:
slept late, unwilling to disturb the sleeping cats and enjoying my weird anime dreams;
gone for a trail run which dramatically illustrated the depths of my out-of-shapeness;
organized all of my seasonal decorations in bins for storage;
fixed my vacuum, a process that left me too fatigued to actually vacuum.

Carrie said...

that's weird that we both fixed our vacccuum cleaners today. Luckily, once mine is fixed, it does the work on its own--as it is doing right now. Freaking out the cats.

ginny said...

I voted for Robin McKinley too! Because doing academic work is for SISSIES. Also you already paid bills, so you did work! At least that's how my days go.

Today I: played scrabble on facebook; went to rehearsal for this disastrous play I'm in, and came home to talk to Nick!

Carrie said...

i didn't manage to read the robin mckinley at all. i will never read for pleasure again! i hate school. i can't wait to get a mind numbing government job that requires meaningless escapism every night. fingers crossed, i applied to the DOT. then i might be near you guys!