Wednesday, June 04, 2008

yeah, so i'm in india and i updated three times in a night about TV and movies. quiet, you.

Not only are there movies that are straight to video, there are apparently entirely TV series that no one has heard of. For instance, a favorite here seems to be VIP. It's on channel 51. All. Day. Long. It's about a team of foxy detectives (I swear I had that idea before! Wait! Everyone did!). It had the following dialogue, which is funny in two ways:

Man [to foxy, but ditzy, lady detective]: You seem very spiritual.
Foxy Detective: [whispering] Well, I was a cheerleader for a while.

I find it moderately funny. But funnier is that it did not fit into the surrounding script in any way whatsoever. It's like they had their only shred of funny dialogue and they'd used up all their writing credits, so couldn't build a nice place for it to live. Poor bit of dialogue stuck in the middle of a conversation about protecting valuable technology! Poor little thing.

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