Thursday, June 26, 2008

ok, ok, india's not such a bully

I was sitting at the internet cafe when someone recognized me! From the hotel weeks ago, he remembered my room number even! That was so nice of him. I feel more tender towards the town now. And also, Vinamra wrote on Facebook, and seemed happy that I was back in town, so that also makes me feel a little more welcomed. Now I'm going to visit Ram, who will also make me feel a little less out of place. These are all good things.


Anonymous said...

I hope it's not actually creepy that someone remembered your room number! Because it sounds rather creepy.

Carrie said...

well, he was one off, actually. So it could have been worse. Although he did just write and ask for my picture (we exchanged emails when we ran into him) for his "tourism project." I said I was fresh out of (digital, fully replicable) pictures.