Thursday, June 26, 2008

india kicked my ass

If you saw me right now, you might wonder, "Who beat up Carrie?" Well, it was India. It's a long story, but I'm ok now, just very tired. My hotel is incredibly loud, and I'm tired of people not understanding me, and I'm tired of having to argue with people just to get the remotely decent price on something, and I'm tired of having to repeat myself and acting like I'm talking to a kindergartener, only to have someone say "Can you say it slower, please?" I'm tired of the traffic, and of not knowing where to get basic things. I'm tired of being thirsty, and never knowing what my digestive system is going to reject. Tired of not knowing where internet cafes are.

But of all those reasons, the reason I look like I have two black eyes is the one where my hotel is loud. I am lucky that Dad gave me those earplug-headphone, so I can use them as earplugs and listen to the Beatles or to my New Favorite Australian Bands (Guild League and Clare Bowditch) and pretend there aren't 5 kids right outside my door screeching, as their fathers talk in strident and unconcerned voices, also right outside my door. Is this a cultural thing? Or is this family just unreasonably rude? It went on all night! Don't these kids sleep? Were they tagteaming?

Rant over. I will feel less stressed out when I have a place to stay. I thought it would destress me a little to look point-blank at my rickshaw driver last night and say "You are dishonest." But it didn't help. And now I'm in the worst hotel ever. Maybe I can fix it. I don't know. I want to stay in the gardens, but no one will answer the phone there.

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