Saturday, June 28, 2008

stealing! part 5: hotel in Delhi after the train ride

I'm gonna steal from myself/Andy on this one, and quote some of my emails regarding the hotel, and then also steal as per usual from Sarah and Alex's updates.
Me: email to Andy (boy)
We have the crappiest hotel room, but it only costs 9 dollars, so I guess we were asking for it. We could barely move all day. We took an overnight train, which was pretty unpleasant and fleabitten, and so we didn't sleep too much, and so when we got to the hotel, all we wanted was to shower and sleep with some AC--we were drenched in sweat. But wouldn't you know it, the power and water were off, for what turned out to be hours. Frack! So, like estivating creatures, we lay on the bed barely conscious, but not asleep because it was too hot, just waiting. We didn't eat anything all day but a few mangos.
Sarah: lists
We got into delhi exhausted and only able to think about a shower. Unfortunately our hotel ($3 a person) had no power. It must have been 110 degrees. Nothing mattered exept a shower. No water. "10 more minutes." Which meant another hour. We got buckets of water from the roof and splashed the dirt off into puddles of mud on the bathroom floor.
Alex: Sleeper Train
We were lucky enough to have a local take us to New Delhi on the Metro, and we found a cheap hotel, "Hotel Shiva Delux", supposedly with A/C for 350rs. It was too good to be true, and the A/C turned out the least of our concern. There was no water or electricity for the first few hours, so we waited impatiently and still stinky from the train ride. Quick highlights on the Delux stay: a man came in and stacked two rickety stools on the bed to stand on and speed up the fan and fell, almost on top of Carrie; we nearly got bitten by crazy rabies-infected dogs in the alley in the middle of the night; the electricity went out and Carrie and Sarah thought they were going to die from the heat at about 3AM; some random hotel boy came into our room in the morning when we were in bed and pretended to check the cabinet for something; the doorknob broke and we got locked in, forcing me to break it

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