Wednesday, June 04, 2008

revealed preference

some people think that market research is pointless because people will say what will give them the advantage--you have to wait to see their revealed preference in the marketplace, see where they ACTUALLY spend that money when it comes to it. They might say they won't buy cigarettes or alcohol in their household budget, but when it comes to the bills, it's another story. So it's hard to gauge these things without specific methods (some of which I am trying to learn).

But anyway, there are two channels in English here, both showing crap that must have gone straight to video for the most part. But they're always showing simultaneous movies, and I have to choose. And reveal my preference with what I'll ACTUALLY watch. I prefer Blade III: Trinity to My Best Friend's Wedding. I prefer Robocop 3 to First Knight. However, I prefer Sleepless in Seattle (which I'd never seen) to A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Now I'm watching a movie that I keep calling Sky Mall, but which may in fact be called Sky High. It is ok.

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