Friday, May 30, 2008

Survey of India

Survey of India

This was a bit of a disappointment. We waited so long for Dr. Zonn to come back while we were at the map shop, and knowing how hard Dr. Eaton had worked to make it happen, I expected full military clearance to the darkest secrets of the government. But we wended up in some museum of archaic sextants and tide predictors (looked like a giant multi-eyed fly). The tour guide did come up with some interesting tidbits about the explorers who first measured a lot of the world, or at least the Himalayan region. I was kind of shocked when we were all done so early. I tried to hit them up for GIS data, but they foisted me off on the Institute for Remote Sensing, which we visit later. So that was that. I didn't buy any maps because I didn't have any money on me. I was the only grad student that went today, but I didn't even notice till later because I get along with the undergrads so well.

Dr. Gamkhar arrived today.

Tibetan Cultural Center

This was an odd little jaunt after the Survey of India. A Buddhist temple with a lot of construction sucking away all the Zen the place may have had. A lot of people found it very interesting, but I found it thoroughly unspiritual and had trouble finding anything to plug into besides the child-monks working on a scroll drawing with their master-guy. It was indeed beautiful (the parts not being hammered away on), but I can only take so many pictures.

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