Saturday, May 17, 2008

first morning

I arrived last night and couldn't keep my eyes open. I had slept plenty on the plane so suspect it was the combo of cold medicine and the 10 hour time difference at work. My seatmate was a PhD student, studying nanotoxicity in quantum dots. It made me feel foolish when I had found this out, as I had spent most of the flight thinking she was 12. I spent the rest of the flight reliving all our interactions to figure out if I'd revealed this to her. I think I expressed that I was impressed she was traveling without her family. Surely it's not the first time she's gotten that, though. Prepaid taxi drive was...interesting. Terrifying would be another word, but not so bad that I didn't fall asleep sitting up. There was a long time when I wasn't sure we'd find the place (Asian Guest House), and I envisioned what it would be like stranded without a place to sleep. I would have cried if I hadn't been so numb from exhaustion. One funny thing about the way people drive here is that they honk the horns constantly. For the most part, it's done without ill-will, more like "Hey, here I am, and I'm not stopping for you, buddy!" Makes for a noisy city. But maybe the horns are better utilized than to express annoyance and anger, like the in States. They allay annoyance and anger this way! Woke this morning with a headache and no voice. Took medicine for both, then promptly, with minimal warning, threw up. So, that sucked, but I felt better.Now Jenny and I, up 2 hours earlier than we intended, are talking about the men I saw waking up on the neighboring roof. And about what to do with our day.

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