Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lodhi Gardens and National Museum

We went to Lodhi Gardens, which were beautiful. I took so many pictures, and the air finally smelled like air, not like care fumes. We actually got a decent price no an auto-rickshaw, but the driver had a rather sour look on his face as we left. I hate not knowing the baseline. I don't mind paying a little extra above what would be normal, but paying three times as much would make me a bit angry. Anyway, we next went to the National Museum, where I missed out on a 1 rupee admission by not having my ISIC card with me. It as the same old-cultures, eras, broken pottery or those cultures and eras. We met a guard who gave us some mango, then some cookies, then some nuts, warm from his pocket (eeyuck!). But he was sweet. Poor Jenny twice got pegged as older than us-one guard tasked if she was our teacher, and another if she was our mother. She's three years younger than me and looks it. It was really weird. Another haggle-ridden rickshaw ride home, by an elderly Sikh man who'd been a driver since 1961 ("the taxi change, I the same!") tried to make a commission off of us. I ended up getting a pashmina for 200 rupees, much to Jenny's chagrin (she'd wanted to talk them down even lower). But it's green and lovely.

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