Sunday, May 18, 2008


Last night we didn't end up going to the girls' hotel because they never answered when we called (they were down in the bar it turned out). So we went back to the Banana Leaf Café, where we'd gone with Raj and Mir. It was full of Indian families, children glancing shyly at us. Jenny brazenly asked people on either side of us what they were eating, and both answered friendlily. One even gave her some of what he was eating! I told her about hat unofficial couple's experiment I heard on NPR. It's morning now, and we're waiting for Marissa to come by the hotel. Marissa just came and she looks like a faerie child, or a lot like SleepyBird. They just ran back to the room for something. Marissa didn't want to go to Agra with the other group, opting to go with the full group at the end of June. I tried to set up my water pump but hit a few snags-chlorine expired, for one thing. But hopefully we'll get it working. We drink so much water in a day! But speaking of annoying on the personal level, we ran into Raj at Café Coffee Day this morning, and apparently Mir was angry we couldn't go out last night-he had it al planned because it was some kind of couples-only concert, so they weren't able to go. Oops. But I really did feel pretty sick in our defense.

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