Saturday, November 11, 2006

your happiness is just a chemical

So, I saw the Borat movie now. It's true that I laughed a lot.

I swear I had something to update. But nothing is coming to mind right now. Well, some things, but they seem so boring.

Remember in Willow when he threw that magic acorn at Bavmorda, but instead of turning her to stone, she caught it, and her arm momentarily turned to stone as she fought off the magic and crushed the acorn to dust? No? Well, anyway, that's my my arm kind of feels like right now. It's a combination of flu shot and miraculous and painful massage work on my shoulder. Really, I recommend this place highly.

At the theater, I saw a preview for a TV show that kind of made me laugh. It was only after the preview I realized it was a show for the girl we went out with in LA--we went out to celebrate the show's being picked up!

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mep said...

She's not doing all that badly. She's had minor roles in Buffy, CSI, Cold Case, etc. and now has her own show. Not too shabby.